Fiona Patten MP Criticises PM for Stalling Tactics Ahead of Pride March

Leader of the Australian Sex Party and Victorian MP Fiona Patten will today attend the Pride March in Melbourne’s St Kilda precinct joining tens of thousands celebrating all things gay and queer.

“We'll celebrate the diversity of love, sexuality and gender and of course continue to make our voices heard on the issue of marriage equality,” Ms Patten said.

Ms Patten will be joined by Dr Meredith Doig, Australian Sex Party senate candidate who has long campaigned for gender equality and same-sex marriage.

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It's About Time Religions Paid Their Fair Share of Tax

The profiteering and self promotion of religious organisations should not be automatically tax exempt.

By not taxing churches and other religious organisations fairly the burden on everyday Australians add up to billions of dollars.

Taxing religious organisations fairly will encourage more charitable activities and ensure that religions pay their fair share.

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